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I'm A Gamer T Shirt

  • 6TN Gaming brings you one of the worlds' favourite video games tops
  • A Classic take of the perception and reality of life as a player
  • Whether your weapon is control pad, joystick, light gun, mouse or even dice
  • Online, Offline, Multiplayer, Cutting Edge, Retro gaming and board
  • Gamers are born as gamers and die as gamers, it's a lifestyle and a calling
  • Be Proud of Who and what you are

The identity of being a gamer is partly self-determination and partly performance of characteristics society expects a gamer to embody. These expectations include not only a high level of dedication to playing games, but also preferences for certain types of games, as well as an interest in game-related paraphernalia like clothing and comic books. The "true gamer" is concerned first and foremost with gameplay. A gamer is an enthusiast with greater dedication to games than just playing them, similar in connotation to cinephile People who play may not identify as gamers because they feel they don't play "enough" to qualify. Social stigma against games has influenced some women and minorities to distance themselves from the term "gamer", even though they may play regularly.

  Hardcore gamer: Some at 6TN Gaming have proposed classification metrics to distinguish "hardcore gamers" from casual gamers, emphasizing action, competition, complexity, gaming communities, and staying abreast of developments in hardware and software. Others have attempted to draw the distinction based primarily on which platforms a gamer prefers, or to decry the entire concept of delineating casual from hardcore as divisive and vague.

   A retro gamer is a gamer who prefers to play, and often enough collect, retro games—older video games and arcade games. They may also be called classic gamers or old-school gamers, which are terms that are more prevalent in the US The games are played on the original hardware, on modern hardware via emulation, or on modern hardware via ports or compilations (though those 'in the hobby' tend toward original hardware and emulation.


6TN Gaming Proudly Presents our I'm A Gamer T Shirt


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