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Joker T Shirt

  • Funny t shirt parody from 6TN
  • The batman meets the pacman, comic and video games universe collide
  • Gotham's favourite villain as a ghost in Pacland
  • Gamer t shirt with a difference, standout video games aparell
  • 6TN Gaming where fantasy meets reality

 Pacman is a classic arcade game which is still played worldwide by the retro gamer community, it was a 1980 release and was originally titled Puc-Man as the playable character pac-man had to be manouvered through a maze eating pucs whilst being chased by ghosts. When Pacman ate a super puc then he would gain the power to munch the ghosts too, for a limited period, the ghosts could do with a leader of the Joker's calibre to organise them and take Pac-man down - permanently.

    After his many battles with his arch rival Batman in Gotham, Joker is whisked to another gaming dimension into retro game Pacman and finds himself as a Joker ghost who must organise his troops to take pac-man down and somehowreturn to Gotham.

   His past criminal plans and achievements make this task seem straightforward to him and in his eyes 'it's simple, we kill the pacman' but Joker has never experienced Pacland before and his battle with Pac-man may throw up a few surprises and be a lot tougher than expected.

 Now stranded in an 8-bit retro arcade game with only ghosts as henchmen and armed only with his wits Joker must turn his Gotham City street smarts into Namco game smarts, rally the ghosts, organise them and lead them to a classic arcade game victoty in order to return to his own dimension and finally defeat his arch nemesis the Batman in Gotham City

6TN proudly presents our

Joker T Shirt It's Simple we kill the Pac-Man

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