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Silver Hawk Motorcycle T Shirt

  • Vintage British Motorbike T Shirt Design
  • Tribute to the 1931 Luxury Model
  • The Most Fascinating Machine of it's Time
  • Capture The Essence of the 1930s Machine
  • Distressed Union Jack Lettering
  • Matchless Motor Cycles Crowning Glory

The Silver Hawk was designed by Bert Collier and produced by Matchless for 1931 at Plumstead Road, London. It premiered at the 1930 Motorcycle show at Olympia London, also known as The Olympia Exhibition Centre, and was the top of the range luxury model.

The 592cc design was a development from the 400cc Matchless Silver Arrow and they share similair frame design and parts.

matchless silver hawk made in london 1931

The Silver Hawk was a luxury machine and a tribute to 1930s pre-war British engineering. It was described as, albeit in sales litreature from Matchless themselves as 'unquestionably the most fascinating machine to ride that has ever been built. It combines the silence, smoothness and comfort of the most expensive motor car with a super-sports performance. On top gear alone the machine will run from as low as 6 miles per hour to over 80 miles per hour, while the acceleration given by the four-cylinder overhead camshaft engine in conjunction with the four-speed gearbox must be experienced to be believed'

Almost 90 years later and the Silver Hawk is still sought after and revered by motor cycle enthusiats.

Our Silver Hawk Motorcycle T Shirt

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