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Dungeon Master T Shirt Role Play Gaming Themed T-Shirt

  • Will suit interests in . Dungeon Master, Dm, Game Master, Critical, Role, Grog, Vex, Vax, Tiberius, Percy, Scanlan, Pike, Pyke, Matthew, Mercer, Dungeons, Dragons, Tabletop, Designs, Emon, Taldorei, Whitestone, Stillbend, Rage, Obey, Would, Like, DD, Dnd, Natural20, Funny, Bard, Class, Dungeons And Dragons, Unique, One, A Kind
  • Role the dice, take a chance, play the game, your destiny awaits you
  • Dungeon Master T Shirt, Exactly what Dungeons and Dragons Gamers have been waiting for
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  • Dungeon Master is The Weaver of Lore and Fate
  • Even The Gods Fear The Power That The DM Wields
  • The Dice may be your ally but they are also your enemy
  • Dungeons and Dragons has been around and evolved as the worlds' biggest and best RPG

At various times in its history, Dungeons & Dragons has received negative publicity, in particular from some Christian groups, for alleged promotion of such practices as devil worship, witchcraft, suicide, and murder, and for the presence of naked breasts in drawings of female humanoids in the original AD&D manuals (mainly monsters such as harpies, succubi etc.). These controversies led TSR to remove many potentially controversial references and artwork when releasing the 2nd Edition of AD&D. Many of these references, including the use of the names 'devils' and 'demons', were reintroduced in the 3rd edition. The moral panic over the game led to problems for fans of D&D who faced social ostracism, unfair treatment, and false association with the occult and Satanism regardless of an individual fan's actual religious affiliation and beliefs.

 Now as a tribute to the game, the gamers and the history of dice play and RPGs, the 6teeniners proudly present

 Our Dungeon Master T Shirt . 

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