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50th Birthday Mens T Shirt Vintage 1971

  • Say Happy 50th Birthday With This 1971 T Shirt
  • For 50th Birthday Gift Ideas Look No Further
  • Retro t shirt For 50th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday Gifts For Men

Looking for mens 50th birthday t shirts ? Say happy 50th birthday with this 1971 tshirt. Part of the 6TN 2021 Birthday range, this vintage 1971 tee shirt looks and feels great. It's our take on 1971 clothes with a retro disco feel it's the disco king of 1971 shirts.


What a year to be born, 50th Birthday Mens T Shirt can be worn with pride.

Happy 50th birthday this 1971 t shirt is one of the best 50th birthday gifts for men.

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The 6teeniners are proud to present

Vintage 1971 Aged to Perfection - The perfect 50th birthday gift ideas for men

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Funny Cycling T Shirt Cycopath

  • This novelty cycling jersey is brought to you by 6TN
  • Funny Cycling Shirts and Cycling Casual Wear
  • Bike Shirts are our thing especially novelty cycling t shirts
  • This bicycle t shirt is funny, stylish and comfortable
  • We aim to become one of the best cycling clothing brands
  • Funny cycling t shirts UK made

Whether you are on your bike or not, this t-shirt will draw admiring looks and no small amount of laughter. It's nicely fitted soft cotton which feels great and looks amazing.

This must be one of the most humorous cycling t-shirts on the market today, if there's anything funnier we've yet to see it, but anything close can be found in the 6TN hobby t-shirts section, feel free to try and prove us wrong.

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The design stands out with white on a black t-shirt and reads



a person suffering from chronic bike riding disorder with abnormal urges to ride and feel free .

It reads like a dictionary definition and can apply to almost everyone who just loves getting on their bike and pedaling away until their hearts are content, whether casually or in a cycling club or team. Probably everyone that knows you will instantly associate this defenition with you, if you buy this t shirt online at 6TN.

100% soft cotton, black, laughs guaranteed along with a stylish look, this funny cycling t shirt ticks every box.

Treat yourself or the cycopath in your life.

To Fit Chest

Small 34-36
Medium 38-40
Large 40-42
XL 44-46
XXL 48-50

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The Yellow Jersey of funny cycling shirts, we are proud to present

Cycopath, it really is a funny cycling t shirt, 6TN one of the best cycling clothing brands for cycling funny mountain biking t shirts

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60th Birthday Gifts Mens 60th Birthday T Shirt

  • 60th birthday presents for men 
  • 6TN Mens 60th birthday t shirts UK
  • Having trouble finding 60th birthday gifts for him ?
  • 60th birthday present ideas for gifts for 60 year old man
  • Try our 60th birthday gift ideas for men
  • Vintage 1961 Aged to Perfection mens 60th birthday t shirt 
  • Thoughtful gift for 60th birthday male
  • Our choice for 60th birthday gifts for dad
  • 6TN for 60th birthday presents for dad - birth year t shirts
  • Get 60th birthday man a 6TN birthday tshirt
  • For Birthdays in 2021

We have all been there, thinking of 60th birthday ideas for men, it's not so easy thinking of presents for 60 year old man, male 60th birthday ideas for dad hopefully just got a little easier. This is our favourite of our 60th birthday t shirt ideas and and 60th birthday man will love it.

Vintage 1961 - Aged to Perfection 60th birthday t shirts for mens is an outstanding choice when looking for 60th birthday presents for men. One of a range of our birthday and birth year t shirt selection we think this captures the era and is a top choice for male 60th birthday ideas.

This is stylish, funny and comfortable and the retro design will no doubt bring back nostalgic memories of the 1960s and the 1970s, eras that will be fondly remembered , Bear in mind when 60th birthday man was born  The Beatles were Johnny and the Moondogs, Elvis was a sergeant in the US Army and Oliver! was released in the west end.

We are proud to present to you king of 60th Birthday Gifts

Vintage 1961 - Aged to Perfection mens 60th birthday t shirts UK

Birthday T Shirts UK 60th 40th 30th 50th Any Year 1961 T Shirt


40th Birthday T Shirt Vintage 1981 T Shirt

  • Say Happy 40th Birthday with a 1981 classic t shirt
  • 40th Birthday Gifts For Men from 6TN
  • 40th Birthday Gift Ideas don't come much better
  • Start the 40th birthday jokes with 'aged to perfection'
  • We love to design funny 40th birthday t shirts
  • Make Vintage 1981 t shirt one of your 40th birthday messages
  • More funny 40th birthday t shirts in our birthday section
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6teeniners are proud to present our

40th birthday t shirt Vintage 1981 Aged to Perfection

Small - 34'' -36"
Medium -36 - 38" 
Large - 40-42"
XL - 44-46" 
XXL - 48-50" 

For more great t shirts, please browse our selection, 6TN love to make shirts you love, customer satisfaction is always in the foremost of our thoughts, we strive to give you quality t shirts with smart designs that pass the test of time.


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Guitar T Shirt 'In My Head' Guitar Player T Shirts

  • This guitar lovers t shirt strikes a chord with musicians
  • 6TN t shirts for musicians always hit the right note
  • 6teeniners for guitar t shirts online
  • We love to make funny guitar t shirts, the truth makes it funny
  • Guitar t shirt UK made, black soft cotton for comfort and style

We know when we talk to a guitar player that whatever we are saying often falls on deaf ears because nine times out of ten they are not listening, they are playing guitar in their heads, or thinking about next time they get to play or the last time they did, we don't mind, it's part of the charm of musicians who really love their art.
 This guitar print t shirt let's anyone unaware of this fact know the score without appearing rude or having to explain yourself. Guitar is the king of musical instruments, the coolest and most skilled and charasmatic band members are almost every time on lead guitar, sometimes acoustic or bass but usually electric and played with skill and passion through an amp.

What is going through a guitar players head whenever you see them ? Guitar guitar guitar, whether it's pedals, strings, tuners. Fender telecaster, stratocaster, les paul, martin or gibson. Thinking about how to play guitar, guitar picks , guitar shop or easy guitar songs, we are delighted to give them another funny guitar t shirt to enhance their love of guitars (if possible)

The 6teeniners are delighted and proud to present our

Guitar T Shirt - In My Head I'm Playing Guitar

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Don't ever change guitar lovers, starting with easy guitar chords and easy guitar tabs and eventually ending up lead guitar and whenever anywhere without one playing air guitar.

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To Fit Chest 
Small - 34 -36"
Medium - 38" 
Large - 40-42"
XL - 44-46" 
XXL - 48-50" 


Biker Grandad T Shirt

Funny Biker Motorcycle Fathers Day Novelty Printed T Shirt . Like A Normal Grandad only much Cooler . Perfect For Papa great fathers Day Gift Idea , or any other day for that matter . If your grandpa loves his bike - He'll love this .

I'm A Biker Grandad , Like A Normal Grandad Only Much Cooler .

A high quality T Shirt with a " Biker Grandad " print .

Biker Grandpa is as cool a grandparent as it comes so the 6teeniners celebrate this fact with our tribute to the grandparent that anyone is lucky to have. No mobility scooter, walking stick, slippers and blanket for this man, he's too busy getting o his leathers and motorcycle helmet and getting ready to fire up his hog to catch up with his mates at the motorcycle club or tour the length and breadth of the country.

A Biker Grandad deserves to have his liestyle appreciated and acknowledged, he's put in years of service to end up this cool, so come fathers day, birthdays or whatever occassion that may arise, get him something that he will appreciate and will look good on him as he attracts admiring glances.

The 6teeniners have almost bottled the essence of the motorbiker in this stylish and comfortable t-shirt, it gives the message and looks great,if you are a biker grandad or you have one look no further than this for what will be come the t-shirt of choice.

 Make 6TN your first stop for motorbike t-shirts for your granpa, comfort, quality and style are the foremost in our thoughts, we combine this with the fact it's a funny grandad t shirt and it's the perfect gift idea for the coolest grandad around. With this in mind we are proud to give to you our

Biker Grandad T Shirt

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100% preshrunk soft style Cotton


Daddy T Shirt Daddy Superhero Gifts For Dad

  • Dad t shirt UK t shirt for dad
  • Gifts for dad 6TN father's day t shirts
  • Great Daddy gift ideas a Daddy tshirt
  • Funny fathers day t shirts and daddy gift ideas
  • Ideal for daddy presents and daddy birthday gifts
  • Thoughtful daddy gifts from baby

Gift ideas for dad, Daddy t shirt for fathers day, birthday gift, Christmas gift, new dad gift or a thank you present from kids for dad, cotton black T Shirt with Daddy Superhero design . Daddy you are smart as Iron Man, As Strong as Thor, As fast as the flash & as brave as Batman. You are our favourite superhero.

Our Daddy t shirt Daddy Superhero

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100% preshrunk Jersey Cotton


Funny Cyclist t shirts - Never Underestimate

  • Funny cycling t shirt bike t shirt
  • From 6TN's novelty cycling t shirt
  • Looking for casual cycling clothing
  • Or funny cycling gifts
  • Great range of  cycling shirts mens
  • 6TN - wear your hobbies
  • Cycling gift ideas for him

Funny Cycling Gift Idea, this t-shirt is the perfect gift for your cycling dad. Does your old man love his bike? cyclist , cycling , tee , tshirt , Top , Clothing for cyclist , funny novelty cycling t Shirt our funny cyclist t shirts. A high quality, 6teeniners soft cotton t shirt with a " Never Underestimate An Old Guy On A Bicycle Funny Cycling " print,
Short sleeve crew neck T-Shirt, taped neck and shoulders, seamless double needle collar, quarter turned body to eliminate centre crease ,Double stitched sleeve and bottom hems Tubular construction.

Sizing Information
To Fit Chest 
Small - 34 -36"
Medium - 38" 
Large - 40-42"
XL - 44-46" 
XXL - 48-50"

100% preshrunk Jersey Cotton 185g/m²

Our Funny cyclist t shirt - Never Underestimate an Old Guy on a bicycle

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    Grumpy Old Man T Shirt Old Guys t shirts

    • 6TN Grumpy Old Man Killing It t shirt
    • Old Guys Rule t shirts for old grumpy
    • Gift idea for fathers day Grumpy t shirt
    • Grumpy old man gifts funny t shirts for men
    • Groove is in the heart with grumpy old man gifts
    • Looking for old man clothes - grumpy old git t shirt
    • 6TN Design For Dads, Grandpas and all grouchy men
    • Great gift idea for birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day
    • Enjoy a joke and laugh with this funny t-shirt
    • 100% Cotton
    • 6TN For Men of All Vintages

    To Fit Chest 
    Small - 34 -36"
    Medium - 38" 
    Large - 40-42"
    XL - 44-46" 
    XXL - 48-50" 

    The fabric of the garment is ring spun jersey, 150 grams per sq meter and 30's Singles Yarn. Or you could say - smooth, soft, reasonably lightweight and made with fine yarn. It is a great t-shirt and slightly fitted.

    6TN's Grumpy Old Man T Shirt

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