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  • Model Railway moddeler favourite
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The Oldest Model Railway

As recognised by Guinness World Records, the oldest model railway was built for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in 1912 to train railway signallers. It is now in the National Railway Museum, York, England.

The Heaviest Train Carriage Ever Pulled By A Model Train

On 21st February 2007, 200 electric model locomotives Märklin pulled a 47-tonne carriage 32 ft 9 in (10meters) at the DB-Gelände in Munich, Germany.

The Most Popular Model Railway Size

This depends on where you are. In the UK OO gauge, where 4mm represents 1ft in real life.  In America and elsewhere, the most popular size is HO Scale.

Fastest Steam Train

For a couple of minutes on 3rd July 1938, the locomotive Mallard achieved 126 miles per hour on a stretch of track just south of Grantham, UK.

The Longest Model Train

The record for the longest model train was set on 23rd April 2011 when an HO Gauge model train of 31 locomotives and 1,563 carriages measuring 925 ft 6 in (282.11 m) was built and run by the Wilmington Railroad Museum Model Railroad Committee (USA).

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