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Funny t shirts for cyclists Problem Solved

This funny cyclist t shirt from 6tn funny cycling t shirts uk is a huge favourite especially when lookig for gift ideas for cyclists, cycling gifts for him, presents for cyclists and gifts for cyclists uk. Funny cycling t shirts make great joke gifts for cyclists, funny gifts for cyclists uk and funny presents for cyclists. A cyclist wardrobe is never complete without a funny cycling t shirt and funny t shirts for cyclists and funny t shirts for cycling are epitomised in this hilarious bike t shirt a favourite of cycling t shirts uk 6tn casual cycling t shirts is a king of funny cycling tops and cyclin t shirts retro.

Funny t shirts for cyclists - Problem Solved

  • 6TN Design For The Cyclist with a sense of humour
  • Have as much fun as you do on your bike annoying the other half
  • Enjoy a joke and laugh with this funny t-shirt
  • 100% Cotton
  • 6teeniners hilarious and stylish

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    1. The longest “tandem” bicycle seated 35 people, it was more than 20 meters long
    2. You can fit about 15 bicycles in the same space that one car occupies
    3. It is 20 times cheaper to maintain a bicycle than a car
    4. If the number of cyclists was tripled, the rate of motorist-bicyclist accidents would be cut in half
    5. The world manufactures about 100 million bikes each year
    6. Bicycle delivery services have become a significant industry over the last 30 years
    7. The word “bicycle” was not coined until the 1860s
    8. The Tour de France was established in 1903.
    9. China boasts more than a half billion bicycles
    10. In America, people use their bikes for one out of every hundred trips
    11. The fastest bicyclist is American rider, John Howard
    12. There are twice as many bicycles in the world than cars

    Funny t shirts for cyclists 6tn problem solved

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