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Funny Biker T Shirt.  Classic From Prehistoric Man To Motorbike Riding Moto-GP evolution

  • Motorbike evolution t shirt for the motor biker revolution
  • Motorcycle t-shirt from 6TN, Start Your Engine and Release Your Rider
  • Soft Cotton, funny but understated, look good on the road or in the garage
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1) Legend has it that the origin of the term hog, when referring to a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle was from the early part of the 1900s Harley’s racing team, the Wrecking Crew. They had a small pig as a mascot and one of the riders would do victory laps with the pig sitting on the bike’s gas tank. In later years, HOG became the official acronym of the Harley Owners Group and is the trading symbol of Harley-Davidson on the New York Stock Exchange.

2) In 1887, Yamaha started as a piano manufacturer but today is a multinational conglomerate that still produces musical instruments. They have added boats, car engines, swimming pools, industrial robots, wheelchairs, RVs, electronics, and golf carts, and motorcycles.

3) Did you know Steve McQueen's famous 65ft motorcycle jump in the movie ‘The Great Escape’ was done by stand-in rider Bud Ekins and he did it in just one take?

4) Actual motorcycle clubs were on the set of 2003 movie Biker Boyz to aid with tricks, stunts, and racing. They include Valiant Riders, Black Sabbath, G-Zer Tribe, Ruff Ryders, Soul Brothers, Total Package, Chosen Few, Rare Breed, Brothers of the Sun, Sisters of the Sun, Deuces, and Black Sabbath New Breed.

5) Doug Domokos was inducted in the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Hall of Fame in 2002. He was nicknamed 'The Wheelie King' and once held the record for the longest wheelie at an amazing 145 miles in length. That record stood for over 8 years.


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