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Biker Grandad T Shirt

Funny Biker Motorcycle Fathers Day Novelty Printed T Shirt . Like A Normal Grandad only much Cooler . Perfect For Papa great fathers Day Gift Idea , or any other day for that matter . If your grandpa loves his bike - He'll love this .

I'm A Biker Grandad , Like A Normal Grandad Only Much Cooler .

A high quality T Shirt with a " Biker Grandad " print .

Biker Grandpa is as cool a grandparent as it comes so the 6teeniners celebrate this fact with our tribute to the grandparent that anyone is lucky to have. No mobility scooter, walking stick, slippers and blanket for this man, he's too busy getting o his leathers and motorcycle helmet and getting ready to fire up his hog to catch up with his mates at the motorcycle club or tour the length and breadth of the country.

A Biker Grandad deserves to have his liestyle appreciated and acknowledged, he's put in years of service to end up this cool, so come fathers day, birthdays or whatever occassion that may arise, get him something that he will appreciate and will look good on him as he attracts admiring glances.

The 6teeniners have almost bottled the essence of the motorbiker in this stylish and comfortable t-shirt, it gives the message and looks great,if you are a biker grandad or you have one look no further than this for what will be come the t-shirt of choice.

 Make 6TN your first stop for motorbike t-shirts for your granpa, comfort, quality and style are the foremost in our thoughts, we combine this with the fact it's a funny grandad t shirt and it's the perfect gift idea for the coolest grandad around. With this in mind we are proud to give to you our

Biker Grandad T Shirt

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100% preshrunk soft style Cotton

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Funny Biker T Shirt.  Classic From Prehistoric Man To Motorbike Riding Moto-GP evolution

  • Motorbike evolution t shirt for the motor biker revolution
  • Motorcycle t-shirt from 6TN, Start Your Engine and Release Your Rider
  • Soft Cotton, funny but understated, look good on the road or in the garage
  • Branded 6TN T Shirt . Available in Small , Medium , Large , XL and XXL
  • For More Great T Shirts Search 6TN
  • Moto GP Superbike Grand Prix Fan Aparell - 6teeniners quality and style

1) Legend has it that the origin of the term hog, when referring to a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle was from the early part of the 1900s Harley’s racing team, the Wrecking Crew. They had a small pig as a mascot and one of the riders would do victory laps with the pig sitting on the bike’s gas tank. In later years, HOG became the official acronym of the Harley Owners Group and is the trading symbol of Harley-Davidson on the New York Stock Exchange.

2) In 1887, Yamaha started as a piano manufacturer but today is a multinational conglomerate that still produces musical instruments. They have added boats, car engines, swimming pools, industrial robots, wheelchairs, RVs, electronics, and golf carts, and motorcycles.

3) Did you know Steve McQueen's famous 65ft motorcycle jump in the movie ‘The Great Escape’ was done by stand-in rider Bud Ekins and he did it in just one take?

4) Actual motorcycle clubs were on the set of 2003 movie Biker Boyz to aid with tricks, stunts, and racing. They include Valiant Riders, Black Sabbath, G-Zer Tribe, Ruff Ryders, Soul Brothers, Total Package, Chosen Few, Rare Breed, Brothers of the Sun, Sisters of the Sun, Deuces, and Black Sabbath New Breed.

5) Doug Domokos was inducted in the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Hall of Fame in 2002. He was nicknamed 'The Wheelie King' and once held the record for the longest wheelie at an amazing 145 miles in length. That record stood for over 8 years.


This Funny Biker T Shirt is brought to you by the 6 TEE NINERS .

Sizing Information . 

To Fit Chest 
Small - 34 -36"
Medium - 38" 
Large - 40-42"
XL - 44-46" 
XXL - 48-50" 

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Funny motorbike t shirt I Don't Snore

Funny motorbike t shirt I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Motorcycle from 6TN biker t shirts. Funny motorbike t shirts make great biker gifts, looking for motorbike gift ideas ? Then think mens biker t shirts and funny motorcycle t shirts.

This funny motorbike t shirt is made from soft cotton for comfort and style, it looks great and feels great and is a great find when looking for funny motorbike t shirts uk, funny motorcycle tee shirts, motorbike t shirts, biker dad gifts, motorbike gifts and motorbike gift ideas.

funny motorbike t shirt I Don't Snore gifts for motorbike lovers.

Sizing Information . 
To Fit Chest 
Small - 34 -36"
Medium - 38-40"
Large - 42-44"
XL - 46-48" 
XXL - 50-52"
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Motorcycle Club T Shirt

  • Vintage Style Motorbike T Shirt
  • Smart Retro Biker Design
  • For Motor Cycle Enthusiats
  • And People Who Just Like to Look Good
  • Suitable For Any Occassion

Motorcycle clubs come in many different forms but in almost all the primary interest of the members are motorcycles. Some clubs the members all own the same model of bikes like the Harley Owners Club and many are a different bikes all grouped together who get together based on riding preference. They usually have elected officers and publications and sponsor events and rallies where they can socialise together.

 There are many great clubs covering all types of social standing and leaning like the Vintage Motorcycle club, Patriot Guard Members, The Royal British Legion Riders Branch and Motorcycle Action Group to name a few whose members all have a particulair interest or concern in common that unites the members.

There is also the MCs and MCCs both MC and MCC are used to abbreviate motorcycle club but these have a special meaning from the viewpoint of members of these who regard themselves as outlaws or one percenters. MC is a motorcycle club recognised as outlaw by other MCs. These riders usually wear club patches depicting their club and status within it.

Our Motorcycle Club T Shirt

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Silver Hawk Motorcycle T Shirt

  • Vintage British Motorbike T Shirt Design
  • Tribute to the 1931 Luxury Model
  • The Most Fascinating Machine of it's Time
  • Capture The Essence of the 1930s Machine
  • Distressed Union Jack Lettering
  • Matchless Motor Cycles Crowning Glory

The Silver Hawk was designed by Bert Collier and produced by Matchless for 1931 at Plumstead Road, London. It premiered at the 1930 Motorcycle show at Olympia London, also known as The Olympia Exhibition Centre, and was the top of the range luxury model.

The 592cc design was a development from the 400cc Matchless Silver Arrow and they share similair frame design and parts.

matchless silver hawk made in london 1931

The Silver Hawk was a luxury machine and a tribute to 1930s pre-war British engineering. It was described as, albeit in sales litreature from Matchless themselves as 'unquestionably the most fascinating machine to ride that has ever been built. It combines the silence, smoothness and comfort of the most expensive motor car with a super-sports performance. On top gear alone the machine will run from as low as 6 miles per hour to over 80 miles per hour, while the acceleration given by the four-cylinder overhead camshaft engine in conjunction with the four-speed gearbox must be experienced to be believed'

Almost 90 years later and the Silver Hawk is still sought after and revered by motor cycle enthusiats.

Our Silver Hawk Motorcycle T Shirt

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Tough Guy T Shirt

  • T Shirt for Tough Guys T Shirt
  • You Don't Always Need A Plan
  • Just Balls and a Beard
  • 6TN Biker Attitude T Shirt
  • Chuck Norris Would Love It

This 6TN t-shirt is perfect for anyone who considers having balls is enough to get through life, the guy that says 'just do it' for the man that knows his actions speak louder than words. These days the world is full of avoiders and non triers who will never get anything done because they are not sure exactly how things might turn out or have not planned enough for every scenario. Well you can't plan for every scenario, it's impossible. This t-shirt is for men who back themselves to be able to adapt and handle any situation, a dying breed that needs to make a comeback.

 Do what needs done men, guys that handle their business, that don't have to check the rule book or worry about what might people think or the consequences.

Are you tough enough to wear this tough guy t shirt ?

Tough guys might have went out of fashion but they will never die, they refuse to be sectioned off like dinosaurs or a reminder of days gone by, tough guys rule the world and get things done no matter what is currently politically correct or flavour of the month.

Our Tough Guy T Shirt - You Don't Always Need A Plan, Just Balls and a Beard

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Vintage motorcycle t shirts Live to Ride

From 6tn vintage motorcycle t shirts, Live to Ride, motorbike t shirt. Biker t shirts should look good and feel good and 6tn's vintage biker t shirts are a great choice for mens motorcycle t shirts, mens motorbike t shirts and biker tee shirts.

Vintage motorbike t shirts to look good on and off the bike from 6tn motorcycle t shirts uk make great gft ideas for the biker who loves motorcycle t shirts and classic motorcycle t shirts designs.

Live to Ride won't dissapoint anyone who loves vintage motorcycle t shirts, a distressed classic motorcycle design on a charcoal t shirt a great choice for biker tshirt, motorcycle tshirt, motorcycle t shirts vintage and motorbike t shirts uk.

Vintage motorcycle t shirts Live to Ride

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Cafe Racer T Shirt Vintage Motorcycle T Shirts

cafe racer t shirt design on a charcoal 6TN shirts 100% Cotton available in sizes Small Medium Large XL and XXL we have a great range of cafe racer motorcycle t shirts great for Bikers this cafe racer motorcycle t shirts is sure to impress .

This is one of our favouites of the cafe racer tee shirts and is sure to suit the cafe racer looking for biker shirts or motorbike t shirt

  • 6TN Motorcyle T Shirts
  • One of our favourite motorcycle shirts
  • motorbike t shirts uk cafe racer clothing style
  • Great Biker Gift
  • vintage motorcycle t shirts

So if your looking for a bike t shirt or cafe racer clothing or mens motorcycle t shirts UK then your in the right place .

6TN have a great range of motorcycle tee shirts biker tee shirts biker tshirt motorcycle tshirt motorcycle t shirt design motorbike tee shirts cafe racer design motorbike t shirts for sale motorcycle tee shirts uk t shirt motorbike whatever your searching for its here

So stocks are limited go ahead and grab this great Motorbike T Shirt with FREE UK delivery now


We are proud to present our Cafe Racer T Shirt

Sizing Information
To Fit Chest 
Small - 34 -36"
Medium - 38" 
Large - 40-42"
XL - 44-46" 
XXL - 48-50"
Cafe Racer T Shirt Vintage Motorcycle T Shirt buy t shirts online at the home of funny t shirts uk
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Biker Grandad Mug

Looking for a gift for your Biker Grandad. This Biker Coffee mug will make the perfect biker gift for him.

  • Black 10oz Coffee/Tea Mug printed with our funny Biker Grandad Design
  • Great Fathers Day Gift For Your Biker Grandpa
  • Hand Wash Only
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