Personalised Gifts have arrived at 6TN ! Personalised Gifts In The UK

Personalised Gifts

Sometimes the personal touch just makes something a little more special and that's why the 6TN team are proud to introduce our new and growing personalised gifts range.

It all began with our personalised birthday t shirt Vintage ANY YEAR all original parts which allows our customers to simply choose any year of birth so it caters to all birthdays rather than just the big milestones (although it's perfect for that too!)

Moving the idea on and offering that little bit more in terms of personalisation is our fantastic Personalised Classic Vintage Birthday T Shirt where our customers can Personalise the name and year of birth and this has proven to be a popular choice.


Personalised Birthday T Shirt Add Name and Date 6TN
Personalised Birthday T Shirt add Date 6TN

There are now a few more examples of these personalised birthday T Shirts in our store and the range is set to grow as they are proving popular.

A recent (at time of writing) addition to our personalised gifts range are our new range of Personalised Mugs. A good example is our winged design Vintage any year Personalised Birthday Mug which follows on from the theme of a simple to edit gift where you only need enter the date.

Personalised Mug 6TN

Part of the 6TN philosophy is to make things as easy as possible for everyone so you should find it a piece of cake to edit the customised elements of your chosen gift and it doesn't stop at birthdays we are ramping up release of these personalised gifts to include events such as weddings, fathers day, mothers day, anniversaries and great gifts for Dads, Mums, Grandads and Grannies.

As always our customers are at the heart of everything we do and all of us here at 6TN thank you for visiting and reading this!